The People At Your Baby’s Christening

baby Christening

Christenings are a wonderful time. Not only is it an important part of a baby’s growth, it is also a time to bond and strengthen the relationship you have with people who care. So at your baby’s Christening there will be many people. In this article we explain who all the people involved at a Christening are.

“The Little Guest Of Honour”

Your baby! The whole day is about your precious loved one. All eyes will be on them as the ceremony takes place. You will need to carry him or her around and make sure they are on their best behaviour throughout it all.

One little tip: make sure they are well rested both before and after the ceremony. This is important especially since you might be having a party afterwards. Making sure he has had his nap will make everything go smoothly.

Some people choose to dress their baby up in Christening gowns. This is very cute and traditional, but it is optional. If you do not get them a Christening gown you can simply dress them in some nice clothing.

The Minister

The pastor or minister will be the one leading the ceremony. You will need to schedule everything through him or her and the church. Some people are nervous about meeting with them. Don’t be – they do this all the time, and can be a wonderful ally in getting it all planned out and carried off without a hitch.

Make sure to get in touch with them a few weeks minimum before you want your baby to be Christened. This way you can be sure you get a good time for the event. This is especially important if you want the service to occur after a regular Sunday church sermon with the whole congregation in attendance. Generally there is only time for one or two Christenings at that time, so don’t miss out.

The Godparents

What would a Christening be without the godparents? They are an integral part of the whole event. Godparents are responsible for the child’s wellbeing at both a spiritual and a physical level should something happen to the birth parents. It is an exceptional honour to be named as someone’s godparents.

Godparents traditionally give the gift of a Holy Bible or a silver spoon. Their role is mostly symbolic but not to be undertaken lightly – they might have to fulfil their duties, so only choose a trustworthy couple to be your baby’s godparents.

The Guests

You will obviously want to share this special event with as many people as possible. So when you make your guest list, think about who would deeply care to see your baby grow and mature. Extended family should be invited even if they cannot attend. Close family friends are also appropriate to invite because they care about your family. The guests are expected to bring some nice Christening gifts, so after the ceremony remember to write them a nice thank you note. Many people make this thank you note come “from” the baby. This is a nice gesture and they are sure to appreciate it.