Family Planning

Experts more usually accustomed to tracking CCTV footage have partnered with Action Medical Research to try to find a way to prevent stillbirth. Advanced technology could help track changes in foetal movements towards the end of pregnancy. Bereaved mothers often say that their baby’s movements in the womb seemed to […]

High-tech surveillance could help prevent tragedy of stillbirth

With results that probably won’t surprise any couple experiencing fertility issues, a new study suggests that infertility seriously affects positive self-esteem. “Flawed” In a national survey carried out in the United States, seven out of ten women said that infertility made them feel flawed, while half of all men said […]

Study: Infertility negatively affects self-esteem

Everyone seems to have an opinion on Nadya Suleman, the 33-year-old who now mothers fourteen children. One of the latest to weigh in is medical director of Georgia Reproductive Specialists, Dr Mark Perloe. He believes that the physician who treated Suleman is guilty of “criminal negligence” because American Society for […]

Octuplet birth physician was “criminally negligent”, says fertility expert

Having a baby won’t save a bad marriage. In fact, some couples report reduced satisfaction in the relationship with their partner after starting a family. That may sound depressing, even fatalistic, but the truth is that parents who plan a family and collaborate with parenting are much less likely to […]

Babies aren’t bad for marriage, but starting a family won’t ...