The CBeebies Christmas Show/Pantomime is a much-anticipated part of many young families’ year, with September generally marking the time when the BBC announces which venues will be used for the live recordings. In previous years, the BBC has operated a ticket ballot system, with growing demand year-on-year, and with tickets […]

CBeebies Christmas Show 2018 announced as Thumbelina: recording, cinema and ...

The average cost of raising a single child in the UK is estimated to be £231,843 over the course of the first 21 years. Factor in all of the other daily outgoings we incur and it is no wonder most parents consider themselves unable to afford life insurance. Now give […]

Making life insurance more affordable for parents

What is rock hiding? Quite simply, rock hiding is the placing of decorated rocks around a local area for others to find. Ordinary, natural rocks are found in the natural environment, or alternatively bought, then decorated with paints, pens, chalks, glitter, or other materials. Finally, a protective varnish glaze is […]

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Child on iPad
Everyone likes something for free, particularly when they’ve already splashed out a significant amount of money. So it is with tablets, be they iPads, Android devices, Kindles or other models. The hardware itself isn’t that cheap, but you’ve invested in it so your child gets to grips with new technology, […]

The hidden danger of Free Apps for your kids

It’s now very common for schools to use text messaging to relay important messages to parents. There are many advantages to this. Most parents have some form of mobile phone capable of receiving messages. It’s more timely and environmentally-friendly than sending printed letters, particularly if something has to be changed […]

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Time Management for School Children
How Can Parents with School Children Improve their Time Management Parents often complain that they don’t have time for anything else apart from work and kids. Indeed, raising kids and working in this individualised world is demanding. If you want to run a lucrative career and give your children proper […]

Time Management for School Children: 5 Tactics for Busy Parents

The Christmas bells have already started ringing and we can hardly be calm as it is time to trim the Christmas tree, hang the wind chimes and rev up the cookie recipes. After all, the Christmas and New Year both call for grand celebrations. But this is also the time […]

How to Celebrate Christmas with Your Grandparents

The UK decision to leave the European Union last June is continuing to affect families and businesses across the country. The main cause of concern for many is that the final exit deal is still being decided. With no end in sight it is becoming more likely that the UK […]

A Guide for UK Families on What Will Happen in ...

Christmas inherently brings with it a unique set of seasonal pressures for any parent; as we battle the high streets to track down perfect presents, slave over a delicious roast dinner and decorate our home to such an extent that it resembles nothing short of a decadent Winter Wonderland! Of […]

Surviving Christmas as a single parent

This is a guest post by Ryan Lowe, Clinical Director at The Therapeutic Consultants. In this country we start children at school very early in comparison to many other countries. By itself this isn’t a problem, but we also don’t pay much attention to helping children settle in to new […]

Starting School: How to help your child settle in on ...

This is a guest article by Annabelle Short. If your family is like most families, you probably find yourself running every which way just about every single day… When you finally have a little downtime at home, you find that you are all playing on your electronic devices or just […]

7 Creative Activities that Will Strengthen Family Relationships

Decluttering experts are often telling us to eradicate unused items from our homes. This includes large gadgets, particularly in the kitchen, which take up space on worktops or in cupboards and go virtually unused from one month (or even year) to the next. Worse, it can be tempting to buy […]

Reveal, Reinstate, Repurpose: The three Rs of forgotten, unloved gadgets