This is a guest post by Ryan Lowe, Clinical Director at The Therapeutic Consultants. In this country we start children at school very early in comparison to many other countries. By itself this isn’t a problem, but we also don’t pay much attention to helping children settle in to new […]

Starting School: How to help your child settle in on ...

This is a guest article by Annabelle Short. If your family is like most families, you probably find yourself running every which way just about every single day… When you finally have a little downtime at home, you find that you are all playing on your electronic devices or just […]

7 Creative Activities that Will Strengthen Family Relationships

Decluttering experts are often telling us to eradicate unused items from our homes. This includes large gadgets, particularly in the kitchen, which take up space on worktops or in cupboards and go virtually unused from one month (or even year) to the next. Worse, it can be tempting to buy […]

Reveal, Reinstate, Repurpose: The three Rs of forgotten, unloved gadgets

The popular mobile app which runs alongside CBeebies – Playtime Island – has just had a makeover, and now includes new games from their favourite characters. It’s live now on the Apple App Store and Google Play, and from next week on the Amazon Appstore. It includes three fun new […]

CBeebies Playtime Island app updated with new games and characters

Young kids, even toddlers, using mobile phone and tablet apps is considered by many to be fairly normal in today’s society. Developing apps for kids is becoming big business, and is definitely (if you’ll pardon the pun) a growth industry. Apps are often tied in with popular TV shows and […]

Keeping kids safe on mobile apps

The Honourable Kirstie (with an ie) Mary Allsopp, who was born into near-aristocracy and has been racing to the bottom ever since by trying to sound posh and knowing on property programmes and tat-to-decor ‘craft’ shows, has embroiled herself in a Twitter row about washing machines. Unaccustomed to the general […]

Tory property toff Kirstie Allsopp dishonours herself as she washes ...

Last week the BBC announced it will be pushing an additional £34m over the next three years into children’s programmes, content and related services. The Corporation is hailing it as the biggest investment in children’s TV in a generation. While the majority of the budget will continue to be spent […]

BBC to pump extra £34m into next 3 years of ...

OK, I apologise in advance for that rather grandiose title. However, a recent research piece from the BBC Terrific Scientific Sleep Investigation—in partnership with the University of Oxford—suggests 9-11 year-old children have the best reactions in the afternoon. Thousands of British school children aged 9-11 took part in the experiment, […]

Kids’ sleep investigation could alter primary teaching methods

I think I may have reached my complaints quota for the year – or possibly even the entire duration of primary school education. By nature, I am not a public complainer. I’m a British introvert and don’t like uncomfortable situations, atmospheres or rocking boats. Despite this, over the past decade […]

Return to being British, gently seething while not complaining

I don’t know if times have changed since I was at school in the 1970s and ’80s, or if my memory has simply failed, but I don’t recall a culture of gift-giving to teachers in the summer, as each academic year drew to a close. Nowadays it seems to be […]

Should I get my child’s teacher a gift?

The countdown is on to the summer holidays. 46 Days of Summer 21 July – 4 September 2017 I am determined this year is going to be a good one. The main concepts: No ‘going away’ holiday due to work commitments and finances, but build in regular trips and events. […]

Summer Holiday 2017 live blog