The Honourable Kirstie (with an ie) Mary Allsopp, who was born into near-aristocracy and has been racing to the bottom ever since by trying to sound posh and knowing on property programmes and tat-to-decor ‘craft’ shows, has embroiled herself in a Twitter row about washing machines. Unaccustomed to the general […]

Tory property toff Kirstie Allsopp dishonours herself as she washes ...

As shared parental leave takes effect from 5 April this year, a new Department for Business, Innovations and Skills (BIS) poll reveals some poignant insights into how fathers feel about their children’s early years. The key finding is that two-thirds of dads regret missing key milestones in their child’s life […]

7 in 10 dads regret missing child’s early years due ...

Children remaining in long-term foster care may have more behavioural and emotional problems than those who are reunited with their families or are adopted, according to a new study from the Carsey Institute at the University of New Hampshire. “Children in long-term foster care suffer from behaviour and emotional problems […]

Long-term foster care can lead to behavioural and emotional problems

Fathers have an important role to play in the upbringing of their children, and there’s often a special bond between father and daughter. Professor of adolescent & educational psychology at Wake Forest University, Linda Nielsen, suggests the “M&Ms” of raising daughters: Men Money Mother Meaning Myths & Misconceptions Men Nielsen […]

The six Ms essential for fathers raising daughters