Alongside the main dozen Christmas 2015 toys recommended by the Toy Retailers Association in the UK & Ireland, we have a number of categories featuring notable other toys. The Build It And They Will Thrive section features eleven toys, including six LEGO-based kits, plus a range of other construction-focused toys, […]

DreamToys 2015: Build It And They Will Thrive

Welcome to this week’s roundup of family-related technology news. It feels very much like a ‘for-against’ week. Some stories highlighting some of the negative aspects when tech is badly or excessively used, while others reveal the positive benefits of tech for children’s education and development. Jump to a story using […]

Family Tech Roundup: Tech and development, celebs ban kids’ Internet, ...

Family Tech Roundup
Welcome to this week’s roundup of family-related technology news. This week we look at articles about the threat of child exploitation via social media and messaging apps, the problem of parents oversharing details about their kids, how to be a balanced tech role model, and the effect of affluence on […]

Family Tech Roundup: Online child exploitation, ‘sharenting’, tech role model, ...

As shared parental leave takes effect from 5 April this year, a new Department for Business, Innovations and Skills (BIS) poll reveals some poignant insights into how fathers feel about their children’s early years. The key finding is that two-thirds of dads regret missing key milestones in their child’s life […]

7 in 10 dads regret missing child’s early years due ...