Bounce: A new type of floor material that can keep kids safer

bounce-nursery-flooring.jpgBarefoot Living has announced a new innovation in flooring. Designed for use in nurseries and playrooms, and with a range of bright and bold designs, Bounce is springy, seamless, easy to clean, and made from recycled material.

Designed by mums at the flooring company, Bounce is installed by Barefoot Living’s own expert fitters.

Company owner Dawn Gibbins MBE said that mums wanted something safe, sustainable and easy to look after.

“The floor is nice and springy, so it absorbs knocks and bumps, but it is still really hard-wearing and – because it’s seamless and a sealed surface – it’s easy to clean too.

“It is a great surface for children to stretch their little toes and walk barefoot.”

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