There have always been bullies in schools and colleges, but the methods they use have evolved along with technology. Cyber-bullying — using technology such as computers and mobile phones to inflict some kind of hurt or embarrassment to a victim — is a fairly new phenomenon but one that’s set […]

“Sexting’ teens should be reeducated not criminalised, says NY lawmakers

The Evolution of Sex Education I’m no expert on how sex and relationships education in schools has changed over the years, but stereotypically things have become more liberal of late, with a focus much more on the process and physical repercussions of sex than on moral and societal issues surrounding […]

English schools’ revised sex education curriculum to focus on family

There’s nothing like a bit of tech sex to sell tabloid newspapers, so the recent report that a wife wants to divorce her husband because he took part in virtual gay sex in the online game Second Life isn’t much of a surprise. I reported on the threat of virtual […]

Get that computer out of our bed! Virtual reality drives ...

While online dating websites may not correlate exactly with wider society, an interesting study from free dating site has concluded that women’s promiscuity – or at least their intentions of – has doubled in the last four years. In 2004, around 9% stated that they were looking for sex […]

Women catching up to men in promiscuity, and that’s just ...

Four in five women are concerned about the current method of contraception used for birth control, yet two in five have stayed with their chosen method for five or more years. That’s according to a new survey carried out in the US by Schering-Plough, which also found that well over […]

Women not confident about contraception, put other worries before unwanted ...

Magazines aimed at young men, often featuring pictures of scantily-clad women and light articles about sex and sexual encounters, are contributing to irresponsible behaviour and the breakdown of family and society, according to the Shadow Education Secretary, Michael Gove. Suggesting that they simply offer “instant-hit hedonism” during a speech on […]

Lads mags contribute to irresponsible behaviour and family breakdown, says ...