Children will form opinions about alcohol based on the attitudes their parents have to drinking. Research by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation has found, unsurprisingly, that parents are role models for their kids — whether they accept that or not — and their actions speak volumes to a child’s development, Made […]

Alcohol and children: how should parents model responsible drinking?

There have always been bullies in schools and colleges, but the methods they use have evolved along with technology. Cyber-bullying — using technology such as computers and mobile phones to inflict some kind of hurt or embarrassment to a victim — is a fairly new phenomenon but one that’s set […]

“Sexting’ teens should be reeducated not criminalised, says NY lawmakers

The Evolution of Sex Education I’m no expert on how sex and relationships education in schools has changed over the years, but stereotypically things have become more liberal of late, with a focus much more on the process and physical repercussions of sex than on moral and societal issues surrounding […]

English schools’ revised sex education curriculum to focus on family

A selection of the latest children’s toys and games to catch our eye. Hexbugs For your teenager (aged 14+) these colourful little robot insects could provide some amusement. They scuttle around, detecting and avoiding obstacles and shying away from loud noises. Available in five colours for £9.99 each from I […]

Toy Watch: Hexbugs, Fruit Factory, Roary Racing Car, Lazy Town

EasySite.com, a subscription-based family-friendly social networking site, has called out the likes of Facebook and MySpace for putting revenue and profit before taking responsibility for the privacy and safety of their users. They cite the usual horror stories of paedophiles stalking teenagers, false profiles, and compromising photographs. “Sites like MySpace […]

Family-friendly social networking site accuses popular sites of profit before ...