Would you name your baby Brooklyn to get free pizza? 4

There are many different reasons why parents name a new-born baby the way they do, but pizza shouldn’t be one of them… should it?

In celebration of a style of pizza, Domino’s Pizza will throw a pizza party for every family that names their child Brooklyn this Friday, 29th February 2008.In addition, the family of the first child named Brooklyn born in the continental U.S. on Leap Day will receive $1,000 in pizza gift certificates.

Apparently, any spelling of the name will qualify – let’s just hope parents don’t go the whole hog in celebration of the company’s pizza and name their child BRKLYN.

“Leap Year babies beat the odds by being born on February 29, a day that rolls around only once every four years,” said Jenny Fouracre, Domino’s Pizza spokesperson. “We think they are very special and deserve a memorable birthday with a good story about how they were named. What a lucky group – they will be 10 when most people born the day before or after them are 40.”

Well, it takes all sorts. I’ve nothing against the name Brookyln itself, but surely there are other reasons to name your child than in an effort to score some free pizza?

What do you think?