What to give this Valentine’s Day? A hug says it best, survey says

While roses, chocolates, candlelit meals and other romantic gestures are very nice for Valentine’s Day (or, indeed, any time of year), it seems that the simple hug often says it best.

A survey by The Co-operative shows that a hug and a kiss even rank above more steamy “between the sheets” pursuits for many.

Sure, two in five men appreciate a great female body while three in five women are keen on a sexy smile and gazing into their partner’s eyes, but the 500-strong survey also found that cards were an inexpensive but appreciated way to show affection.

Nearly two-thirds of respondents said they’d be spending up to £100 on Valentine’s gifts this year, while 62% said an ideal day would include an intimate dinner.

The survey highlights the partnership between The Co-operative and British Heart Foundation who have set up the Red For Heart fundraising campaign.

Head of corporate partnerships Douglas Campbell Rouse said, “we would like to encourage all romantics out there to buy a Hallmark card from The Co-operative and help us raise vital funds in the fight against heart disease.”