What do men want for Valentine’s Day?

If you’re a woman stuck for an idea as to what your man might want for Valentine’s Day, take some tips from UK relationship expert Martin Riley, who offers up the following advice with the three “Ts” — Tease, Tantalise, Treat

  • “Valentine’s Day has somehow become seen as a day when a man has to make a big romantic gesture to this wife or girlfriend. Try turning the tables. Send him flowers, take him out for dinner, or buy him something that fulfils your fantasies (be warned though, it’ll need to be something that makes him feel sexy, not stupid. He may never talk to you again if you buy him a mankini). Most men will be delighted by you taking the lead and making him feel appreciated and desired.”
  • “When was the last time you asked your partner what he wanted from your relationship? A lot of men struggle to articulate what they want and need from a relationship so will try to let their presents do the talking. Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to actually ask him what he wants, both from you and from your life together. Pillow talk is a great opportunity to get him to open up!”
  • Don’t rely on ‘bought experiences’ like meals out or presents to make this Valentine’s Day the romantic day of your dreams. A home cooked meal can be far more romantic than a restaurant full of other couples trying to be romantic. How about a meal in bed together? Or a meal he can lick off those usually hard to reach places? Use your imagination to have the Valentine’s Day that suits the two of you, not what the shops tell you should be having.”
  • “If your man isn’t that interested in sex (and a surprising number of men aren’t as obsessed as you might think) then the key would be to think about what he loves doing that you could surprise him with. Is there anything he loves to do that you’re normally reluctant to do with him? He’ll be thrilled if you suggest or organise it so perhaps go to a football match together, see a band or go for a romantic walk around his favourite places.”

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