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Anyone who has frequented the Internet for a while will know that web sites offering to send electronic greetings cards are fairly common, but they’re not all necessarily suitable for a family audience. seems to be “safe” to use, though, and boasts a huge range of virtual cards including birthday, wedding, thanks, anniversaries, congratulations, invitations, and even ones for pets (how you get Fido to use your computer is up to you, of course). In fact, there’s a special family section specifically for sending cards to relations.

There’s a list of “Daily Celebrations”, each linked to themed cards, though whether you’ll find them all quite so useful depends on your imagination. I can’t imagine sending someone a card today wishing them a “Happy Mustard Day”, for example, though on Monday it’s “Family Day”, Tuesday is “Friendship Day”, and Thursday is “International Forgiveness Day”. In any case, they could provide some inspiration, and after all, the cards are free to send.

Cards are displayed in the Flash format, which means that most modern computers should be able to play them straight from their web browser. The software is free to download from Adobe if it’s not already installed.

Some cards come with music, which can be turned on or off, and the message can be personalised.

All in all it’s a nice site, and if you like sending e-cards to people, I’d recommend you try it out. Some web sites are bigger and flashier, but this one does the job nicely.

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