Video: Make a Rice Krispie 5-a-side football team with Annabel Karmel


Annabel Karmel reveals her favourite kids party food recipe

Learn how to make a Rice Krispie 5-a-side football team in under 6 minutes!

If you are like most parents, chances are you’ve got yourself into a real panic about cooking food for a children’s party. Well the worrying stops here! In a rare opportunity we caught up with nutritionist Annabel Karmel who in a step by step video guide shares one of her own recipes, a Rice Krispie Football team and football pitch! But don’t worry, although this might sound complicated, this guide is so easy to follow you certainly won’t get caught offside!

The best part about this recipe is that both you and the children can get involved, whether it’s mixing the ingredients together, cutting out footballers, or making the grass – there is an activity for kids of all ages. And seeing the fruits of their labours emerging gives kids a real sense of achievement. So what are you waiting for, click here and cook up a storm!

Watch Annabel’s video (part of Kellogg’s Big Bake) below:

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