Vets may be at higher risk of miscarriage

An Australian study suggests that female vets over-exposed to anaesthetics, X-rays and pesticides used could be at an increased risk of a miscarriage during pregnancy.

The concern is for those working in smaller practices where “scavenging” equipment used to suck away waste gases, such as nitrous oxide, may not be used.

Nitrous oxide inhalation can lead to an increased risk of miscarriage.

The risk to women exposed to these gases for at least one hour per week rose by around 250%, based on a research questionnaire carried out among 2,800 vets.

Those who carried out more than five X-rays per week had an 82% increased risk, and those who used pesticides had an 88% increased risk.

“We hope that our research will make vets aware of the need to fully protect themselves whilst they are working, especially if they planning to have a baby,” said lead researcher Dr Adeleh Shirangi.

(Via BBC News)