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12 jumpers of Christmas competition

Many people can’t be without a Christmas jumper this festive season (nearly one in four according to recent research) but buying one for just one or two uses over a couple of weeks in December doesn’t seem to be very cost-effective or environmentally friendly.

Love Your Clothes is challenging Xmas woolly knit lovers to take an old jumper and upcycle it instead.

Not only can this be a fantastic craft activity to do with the kids, but it could save money, be more eco-friendly, and be far more custom-made for you.

To encourage us all, the Love Your Clothes organisation has launched the 12 Jumpers of Christmas competition. The website includes a number of ideas for festive jumpers, together with full instructions for how to make it.

The winning jumper will win a Janome sewing machine, with subscriptions to Simply Sewing and Reloved magazines up for grabs for runners up.

For the less craft-inclined, the organisation suggests buying a pre-loved Christmas jumper or swapping current jumpers with family and friends.

The clothing industry has the 5th-biggest environmental footprint of any UK industry sector, so thinking about this kind of change, even once a year, can make a difference.

Sarah Clayton, head of clothing at WRAP, said, “We know that the average lifetime of clothes is just over two years. Entering the 12 Jumpers competition is a great way for people to extend the lifetime of their old jumpers and make a jumper last for life not just for Christmas!”

One thought on “Upcycle a jumper for Christmas to save money and the environment

  • Angie

    I had no idea sweaters were also known as jumpers. I came into this post expecting to be reading about footie pajamas (for some reason I thought a jumper was footie pajamas…)

    Anyways, unfortunately I’m one of the few who has no Christmas jumpers at all, but I’m hoping to hit the thrift store after Christmas season and pick up one or two nice ones for next year 🙂

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