UK Cost of Living Crisis

Rising fuel prices, the ongoing effect of the COVID pandemic, the war in Ukraine, Brexit… many factors have combined and continue to influence the upward spiralling cost of living in the United Kingdom and elsewhere in the world.

This issue affects everyone, but it can be particularly worrying and debilitating for individuals and families on lower incomes or with additional health needs or responsibilities.

Here we share some of the best resources which go some way to explaining the issues, but more importantly for most people, offer practical support for getting through the next months and years of financial pressure.

Money Saving and Budgeting

We share some of our most useful articles related to budgeting, particularly with this current crisis in full force.

  • Surviving Winter (and Beyond) With Rising Fuel Costs: Written last year, when the first of the large fuel price cap increases occurred, this still offers pertinent advice and is perhaps even more fitting in its analysis of the current extortionate utility prices we are having to deal with.
  • The Busy Family’s Ultimate Guide to Saving Money: Although written some time ago, this article has some useful ideas for saving money around the home. Some are not currently applicable, such as swapping energy supplier, but we think there are still some useful tips you may not have thought of.


Talking and sharing with others when times are hard.


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