UK Conservative party say marriage is good for society 1

teenageparents.jpgLast year, the British Cnservative party said that the church should promote marriage, and now former Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith is heading up the social justice policy group and speaking out on marriage and society.

There’s a link between families breaking down and gun crime, he says
Gun crime has shot to the top of the headlines over the past few weeks in Britain, as several black teenagers have been fatally shot, seemingly as part of gang-related crime in both London and Manchester.

“Gange are crowded with boys who have never been part of an intact family, where people belonged with and to each other,” the group’s report says.

The increase in family breakdown is the consequence of the removal of “institutional support for marriage” and an “overemphasis on the right to personal happiness and immediate gratification”.

Government policies need to “encourage healthy marriage as the relationship most likely to deliver that social good”.

What do you think? Is marriage really the bedrock of a stable society?

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  • Stewart Edwards

    With the world collapsing around him all he thinks about is spending money on environmental issues! The priority surely is to create jobs and what are the Conservatives doing about this – going to cancel the 3rd runway at Heathrow!!

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