Twins, Triplets & More Week: Top tips for the first year with twins or more

This week is Tamba’s Twins, Triplets & More Week – which sees parenting groups across the country celebrate the special bond that multiple birth children enjoy.

It also helps raise awareness of some of the unique challenges that families who find themselves blessed in this way can face.

Like any family, the first year, and those chaotic first months can be the toughest.

Here’s my list of top tips for how to survive the first year with twins, triplets or more:

1. Accept all offers of help from friends and family.

2. Prioritise as much as you can – don’t feel your house has to be like a show home – keep things clean but please don’t beat yourself up if they’re not tidy!

3. Learn what your telephone answer machine is for – don’t feel bad if you don’t have the energy to talk to anyone who calls in the evening.

4. Find out about any local groups for families with twins, triplets or more. (More details through Tamba or Twinsclub)

5. Try your best to establish a routine and stick to it. But please don’t stress if it all seems too much. All babies are different, even if they were born minutes or seconds apart.

6. Recognise that caring for babies takes up a lot of energy. Regardless of who leaves the house and gets paid for it, if you are with a partner, you are both working!

7. Get as much rest as you can – if the kids are napping – you can too.

8. Don’t let crying get to you – take time out if needs be.

9. Ring Tamba’s Twinline on 0800 138 0509 if it all gets too much.

10. Find friendship and support online: As well as Tamba and Twinsclub, Twinlets also has a very friendly forum.

Linda Jones is mum to Emily and Melissa, aged eight. She is a former editor of Twins, Triplets & More magazine and has written for a wide variety of publications on multiple birth issues. Catch up with Linda’s blog at Got Your Hands Full.