Toy Watch: Hexbugs, Fruit Factory, Roary Racing Car, Lazy Town

hexbugA selection of the latest children’s toys and games to catch our eye.


For your teenager (aged 14+) these colourful little robot insects could provide some amusement. They scuttle around, detecting and avoiding obstacles and shying away from loud noises.

Available in five colours for £9.99 each from I Want One of Those.

Let’s Cook 3-in-1 Fruit Factory


With the Let’s Cook Fruit Factory there are 3 ways to get your 5-a-day portions of fruit! Safe to use, the blender allows you to turn fruit into delicious juice and smoothies or you can pour into the special lolly cases, pop into the freezer and enjoy healthy, yummy lolly pops!

Try an apple lolly or a banana smoothie! What ever your choice you’ll have fun making them with the Lets Cook Fruit Factory

Suitable for ages 5+. £19.98. Available from Kiddimax

Roary the Racing Car Light ’em up Roary Torch


It’s time to shine with Roary’s Light ’em up Torch!

In the daytime you can play with Roary as a car and at night you can switch him on, pull up the handle and you will be able to see in the dark. His cap and eyes glow too.

Suitable for ages 3+. £9.89. Available from Kiddimax

Lazy Town Talking & Singing Stephanie Stylin Moves

Clip on the backpack to hear phrases & on the go music, You can also dress Stephanie for a sleepover party!


  • 2 Outfits
  • Comb
  • Hairclip
  • Sleeping bag
  • Pom poms
  • Charm for you to wear!

Suitable for ages 3+. £19.89. Available from Kiddimax