Tories may introduce married couple tax allowance

Following the backlash against yesterday’s child benefit shakeup, the BBC understands that the Conservative Party may be planning to introduce a married couples tax allowance.

This is completely unofficial, no details have yet emerged, but it would certainly fall in line with what the Tories have said in the past.

Three years ago, David Cameron suggested the benefits system needed to lose its anti-marriage bias, while Iain Duncan-Smith said that marriage is good for society.

That said, political parties frequently go back on what they’ve said in the past, and we are also dealing with a coalition government where compromise is the dish of the day.

We’ll be very interested to see what tax breaks may be offered to married couples, and how unmarried couples hit by the child benefit losses will react to that.

It’s over ten years since the married couples allowance was scrapped. These child benefit cuts due to be implemented in 2013, and it would seem likely that any tax breaks would come into effect at the same time.