Tori Spelling gets behind The Potty Dance 1

potty-dance-video-capture.pngActress mum Tori Spelling has put her name behind a new campaign to encourage parents and kids to easier, more fun potty training.

This year, some six million parents in the US will begin potty training their toddlers, and while this is exciting it can also be quite intimidating.

To celebrate her almost two-year-old son Liam’s potty training debut, and help families across the country say farewell to diapers, Tori has teamed up with Pull-Ups training pants to groove to the Potty Dance – the new toddler dance craze introduced by the Pull-Ups brand – to help motivate her son to success.

“Liam is growing up so fast, including his growing interest in the potty,” said Spelling. “While as a mom it’s bittersweet to watch my little boy grow up, we want to applaud this big moment with an activity he’s already crazy for – dancing. I’ve partnered with the Pull-Ups brand to kick-off Liam’s potty training with a celebration I know he will love, and an activity I know will keep me positive, the Potty Dance.”

Watch the video and get the moves over at

One thought on “Tori Spelling gets behind The Potty Dance

  • Laura

    Hmm admittedly I find it quite ironic that the Pull-Ups brand is ‘encouraging’ potty training considering that disposable pull-ups are a marketing con to keep infants in their products for longer.
    It is widely recongnised that with the invention of disposable nappies, the age of potty training shot back dramatically- when the infants cant feel that they are wet there is little incentive to train. Disposable pull-ups are usually just as absorbent as a nappy, the only difference is that they can be ‘pulled- up’.

    Clever little marketing tool though this ‘potty dance’.

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