Top Tips for Birthing Partners

Following our five prenatal yoga positions for labour feature yesterday, here’s a follow-up feature offering some tips for a partner on assisting mum-to-be during labour.

Birthing partners and mums-to-be often explain how they find the idea of both pregnancy and labour an exciting and sometimes daunting experience, whether it’s their first time, or their fourth.

However, global yoga specialist, Jiivana UK has listed its top partner assisted yoga positions to help both partners bond through the pregnancy and prepare for the birth.

Partner Assisted Position 1 – Childs Pose

Assistant draws shoulders back, rotates armpits outwards, presses on sacrum and spreads spine by gently pressing on upper back.

Partner Assisted Position 2 – Swan

Pregnant woman kneels hip width on blanket. Assistant places foot on bolster behind her and then places knee into the mid back, between the shoulder blades. Pregnant woman then raises her arms up to about 45 degrees from her head and the assistant takes hold of her wrists and gently and evenly draws them back to open her chest.

Partner Assisted Position 3 – Sukhasana and Upavista Forward

Sit in crossed legs and lock forearms with your partner. Your partner then leans back being mindful not to curve their lower spine and to drop the shoulders. At the same time the pregnant woman leans forward and gets lengthened along the spine and the underside of the legs. Then change the cross of your legs and repeat.

Bliss from Within has been endorsed as the most comprehensive prenatal Yoga DVD on the market by The National Association of Childbirth Educators as it features two 45-minute yoga programmes, alongside advice on positions and massage for labour, pelvic floor techniques, partner assisted yoga, breathing techniques, home prop for yoga and baby bonding techniques.

The complete package guides pregnant women through a happy and healthy pregnancy, giving them a positive approach to birth.

Zoe Mongey, Managing Director of Jiivana and star of Bliss From Within, said, “Partner assisted yoga is a fabulous way for expecting parents to spend time together considering the journey they are on and the changes they are experiencing. It also has the added bonus of making the mother feel relief from common pregnancy related discomforts whilst making the partner feel involved and helpful.”

Mongey continues, “Within the DVD there is an extremely helpful section on ‘Partner-Assisted Yoga’. This segment coaches both mums-to-be and a partner of their choice through a number of positions that can help during pregnancy. There is also a positions for labour section that provides breathing, massage and support techniques for the birthing partner to use during pregnancy and labour to help assist and relax both mum and baby.

“Understanding and learning these poses will empower pregnant and their birthing partners by giving them the knowledge and understanding of active birth positions.”

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