Top 10: British teachers vote for their favourite sports day moments

Sports DayAhh, Sports Day. Remember the days of egg-and-spoon, sack and three-legged races? Of exuberant parents and grass stained PE kits.

British teachers have now submitted their funniest school sports day stories to, and here’s the top 10:

10. A poor llama being hit on the head by a welly throwing participant.

9. In the relay race, a girl passing the baton to the next runner, but keeping on running, overtaking her team mate.

8. In the egg and spoon race – children trying to cheat and hold onto the egg.

7. A pet’s race turning into total chaos – animals in all directions.

6. A teacher’s race where the teacher in charge of music chose to play the Benny Hill tune.

5. The whole school dancing and singing along to the locomotion song being played over the tannoy.

4. A very small reception child running right underneath the largest set of hurdles without seeing them!

3. Reception children stopping before the finish line.

2. The rope breaking during a parent versus staff tug of war.

1. One school lined up the reception age children for their sack race. They were told on “Go!” to get into the sack and go as fast as they can to the finish line. On “Go!” one child put the sack over her head, pulled it down and ran blindly up the track.

Photo by dullhunk