Three-quarters of small businesses in UK offer flexible work options for parents 1

It’s not difficult to see how modern working practices put a strain on family relationships, but at least nearly three-quarters of small and medium-sized businesses in the UK are attempting to make things easier for parents by offering more flexible working options.

Over half of working mums said they’d want to work away from the office, while nearly nine in ten dads said the same.

Dads said that flexible working would make the most positive difference to their family life in the first year after their child’s birth.

Interestingly, though, parents voiced worries over government plans to extend maternity leave from 39 to 52 weeks, and give fathers the right to up to 26 weeks paternity leave with statutory pay if the mother returns to work. Almost half of dads (46%) and 44% of mums believe that taking extended leave would negatively impact their career.

“It is very encouraging to note a consensus between UK businesses and parents around flexible working,” commented Bernardo de Albergaria, Vice President and General Manager, Global Marketing and eCommerce, Citrix Online. “UK SMBs are actively exploring ways to enhance employee satisfaction and retention by enabling Web commuting. This way, companies can minimise disruption to their business while allowing parents the flexibility to achieve a rewarding home life as well as momentum in their career.”

One thought on “Three-quarters of small businesses in UK offer flexible work options for parents

  • Katie

    I think pushing for flexible work conditions for parents and for longer maternity and paternal leave is a great idea for family relationships and for children’s development. The next step would be for us to convince employers that it would help with productivity and with employees being happy and productive in their jobs.

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