The pain of a failed abortion: everyone suffers

Abortion is an emotive and highly charged subject under ‘normal’ circumstances, but the story of Jennifer Raper, from Massachusetts, is a tragedy for all concerned.

Her abortion was not performed correctly, and she gave birth to a daughter in December 2004.

Now she is seeking damages and the cost of raising her 2-year-old daughter.

Regardless of your views on abortion in general, it’s hard not to be moved by this situation.

The daughter is now likely to grow up knowing that she is not wanted – either directly because the story is told to her, or through the relationship she has with her mother.

Genevieve Kineke of East Greenwich, R.I., author of “The Authentic Catholic Woman,” said in an interview, “Sadly, this is the logical consequence of reducing the human person to a commodity. It follows that if life is not sacred (and even its value is driven by supply and demand) then a child is seen either as a tax break or a tuition bill, as an accessory or even a source of ‘spare parts.’

“We are so dead to the hidden treasures, the joys and even rich sorrows that relationships can provide that we can’t see past the price tag – and even if this woman wins her lawsuit, she will be the poorer for it.”

The story is told at Catholic Online, and whilst you won’t be surprised to be told that they’re staunchly pro-life, it reports the news and makes some important points.

Of course, abortions usually achieve their desired outcome, so this situation is rare, but it surely makes us look at the whole issue surrounding it, even though every mother’s situation is very different.