The importance of families eating together 4

It’s becoming a rare event: families that eat together.

Only one-third of US families eat at least one meal per day together; for the remaining two-thirds, eating together is a rarity.

This picture is reflected across the Western world, as there are more working two-parent and single-parent families, after-school activities, and the influence of modern entertainments.

Yet the stresses of everyday life could be dramatically improved if families took the time to eat at least one meal per day together.

Not only is nutrition often better for everyone, particularly children, in shared meals, but the family bond is strengthened. Family meals are more than simply eating together – they are about communicating, sharing with one another.

This post is based on the article Family meals good defense for fighting stress, everyday illnesses written by Dayle Hayes in the Billings Gazette.

It concludes by recommending some useful online resources for busy families to ensure that they still get good meals together.

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