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I grew up with the Mr Men — both the books and the animated series wonderfully narrated by Arthur Lowe — and it seems that Roger Hargreaves’ creations (as well as their Little Miss sisters) are still going strong. Introduce your little one to the joys of Mr Happy and […]

Cute Booties: Little Miss and Mr Men from Fabric Flavours

CBeebies has commissioned a new comedy show specially aimed at under-sixes. Justin Fletcher, known to many as Mr Tumble and presented of Something Special, will perform a series of madcap skits and sketches in Gigglebiz (official CBBC Gigglebiz web site). It will be CBeebies’ first live action sketch show, due […]

Gigglebiz: New BBC sketch show for under-sixes with Justin Fletcher

Using signs and gestures with babies can enhance their communication skills and allow them to learn to talk more quickly, according to research by scientists at the University of Chicago. The research confirms previous studies that show a strong link between gestures and spoken language, finding that babies who use […]

Gestures can improve early speech development, scientists find

A survey of 2,500 mothers by UK supermarket Tesco suggests that 60% of new parents wouldn’t know what to do in an emergency where their child’s life was in danger. Less than 10% of new parents have had child first aid training in the past 12 months, and 24% said […]

3 in 5 parents couldn’t save their child’s life, survey ...

From 1st November, Britain’s parents (and indeed, anyone else) can vote for the best kids’ activities in the UK. Every vote cast in November will see 5p donated to the BBC’s Children in Need appeal. The What’Â’s On 4 Little Ones 2008 awards, sponsored by pioneering food company Organix, are […]

Vote for best kids’ activities in Britain, raise money for ...

A new website – – has launched to encourage computer literacy amongst preschoolers, helping to boost their self-confidence at increasingly IT-centric schools. To add to the fun, various hit TV characters, including Bob the Builder, feature on the site. Users can sign up for a free subscription to the […]

Toddlers’ TV favourites to feature on new interactive web site ...

Children under the age of 3 need to hear 30,000 words from their parents and caregivers to ensure optimal language development and academic success. The Power of Talk research study has found that, regardless of race, ethnicity, or socioeconomic factors, kids who converse regularly with their parents do much better […]

It’s good to talk: 30,000 words a day from 0 ...

The sight charity Eyecare Trust is warning parents that they should protect their children’s eyes from the sun, or put them at risk of permanent damage to their sight. A child’s eyes are at greater risk of damage from ultraviolet light because the pupils are larger and lenses clearer, which […]

Parents warned on dangers of sun damage to children’s eyes

This article was first published at Tech Digest: A new study from researchers at the University of Washington suggests that using educational TV and DVD, such as the “Baby Einstein” and “Brainy Baby” series, or “Sesame Street”, may not be as beneficial for babies and young children as many hoped. […]

Study suggests educational DVDs and TV may not be so ...

A 22-month-old boy and 11-month-old girl were found severely malnourished and near death in the home of a Nevada couple who were so engrossed in a Dungeons and Dragons video game that they neglected to feed and care for them. Doctors treated the boy for starvation and a genital infection. […]

D&D video game couple neglects children

This week is Tamba’s Twins, Triplets & More Week – which sees parenting groups across the country celebrate the special bond that multiple birth children enjoy. It also helps raise awareness of some of the unique challenges that families who find themselves blessed in this way can face. Like any […]

Twins, Triplets & More Week: Top tips for the first ...