Children will form opinions about alcohol based on the attitudes their parents have to drinking. Research by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation has found, unsurprisingly, that parents are role models for their kids — whether they accept that or not — and their actions speak volumes to a child’s development, Made […]

Alcohol and children: how should parents model responsible drinking?

There have always been bullies in schools and colleges, but the methods they use have evolved along with technology. Cyber-bullying — using technology such as computers and mobile phones to inflict some kind of hurt or embarrassment to a victim — is a fairly new phenomenon but one that’s set […]

“Sexting’ teens should be reeducated not criminalised, says NY lawmakers

A recent study has discovered the most important topics that parents would like their doctor to talk to their teenage children about during routine check-ups. While there were differences between different ethnic groups and genders, these were the top ten most popular subjects overall: Diet/nutrition Exercise/sports Physical changes of puberty […]

Top 10 health topics parents wish their doctor would discuss ...

Yet again, more research which shows the benefits of families eating together. Teens who frequently (five or more times per week) eat together with the rest of their family are less likely to use extreme methods – such as binge eating and self-induced vomiting – to control their weight five […]

Girls who eat with their families less likely to do ...

I’ve written before about the importance of families eating together whenever they can. It can bond the family together, aid communication, and could help teens avoid social problems, amongst many other benefits. The Kroger Company has partnered with The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse to encourage families to […]

September 24: Family Day – A Day To Eat Together ...

The Californian Association of Marriage and Family Therapists has put together a list of six things parents can do to help with the burden of peer pressure: Talk about drinking, drugs, and other harmful behaviour, maintaining open communication and understanding your children’s opinions. Talk about your children’s concerns and pressures. […]

Back to school tips for helping your child manage peer ...