A new piece of research has discovered something that many busy mums and dads are already all too well aware of. Modern “human resource management practices” – or in other words, how employees are expected to work, what monitoring systems are in place, and how they perceive their jobs – […]

Modern working practices strain family relationships, particularly women’s

According to recent research from the children’s party organisers Les Enfants, three-quarters of UK mums find organising a child’s party stressful, while 26% feel pressured to arrange bigger and better parties each year. Of the respondents, full-time working mothers find party organising most stressful and feel the most pressure to […]

75% of British mums find organising child’s party stressful

A recent research study by the online games company PopCap (the relevance of which will become apparent in a moment), in association with The Stress Management Society, suggests that British mums get, on average, just 23 minutes of “me time” each day, whereas dads enjoy around four-and-a-half hours of leisure […]

UK mums get 23 minutes “me time” per day, dads ...

A UK survey has shown that over half of new mums have gone for a full 24 hours without sleep. Many have reported a feeling of loneliness as the social life drops away, and some have even started to lose the bond with their baby through lack of sleep. Around […]

Over half of new mums have gone 24 hours without ...