Last year, when the scale of the economic crisis was still dawning upon us, the UK’s Office of National Statistics found that the slowing property market could be reducing the divorce rate. That doesn’t mean that relationships have suddenly got significantly better. In fact, financial turmoil places a real strain […]

Bad economy: divorce down, domestic violence up

This may sound obvious to some, but a new study suggests that the rate of relational and marital breakup was higher amongst those whose parents had divorced. The study looked at other factors, such as genetics or parental substance abuse, but found that divorce itself was a key factor that […]

Parental divorce is key factor in break-ups amongst their children

New research from Metanium suggests that British grandparents are more involved than ever with the care of their grandchildren. Some five million grandparents now spend three days per week caring for their grandchildren. Childcare is major source of concern for working parents. Cost is a key factor, but trust is […]

More British grandparents caring for grandchildren than ever before, research ...

OK it’s a blatant plug for (with which I have no affiliation) but their latest news is that in the past six months, over 1 million people have created family trees using their online service. Their press release states: “In building family trees, users have added an estimated 150 […] members have created over 1 million family trees in ...