If you’re being unfaithful to your partner but haven’t been extremely careful about your Facebook profile, you are very likely to be caught out. And rightly so. Divorce lawyers are ditching the old-fashioned methods — private detectives and the like — in favour of snooping the social networks to catch […]

Cheating online? Facebook will catch you out

It must be something about the school summer holidays that’s bringing out surveys about children and parents and their relationship with the Internet… and each other. Not a week after a survey about parental knowledge of their children’s online activities comes another from Garlik. This one suggests that 75% of […]

Young children using online social networks, three-quarters of parents “spying” ...

According to new research by child medicine manufacturer Tixylix, modern mums are jumping online to find advice and support on parenting issues because they feel less judged than in other, more traditional environments. Just two percent of mums surveyed said they felt judged by online peers, compared to one-quarter who […]

Mums look to online advice to avoid the judgement of ...

The MySpace MyKids project is a new user-friendly website designed to familiarize parents with social networking and help them protect their kids. It’s a powerful educational program for parents who want to not only protect their children, but also better understand and connect with their teens.

Parents get to understand MySpace and connect with their kids ...