It must be something about the school summer holidays that’s bringing out surveys about children and parents and their relationship with the Internet… and each other. Not a week after a survey about parental knowledge of their children’s online activities comes another from Garlik. This one suggests that 75% of […]

Young children using online social networks, three-quarters of parents “spying” ...

According to a recent survey from, five out of six parents rely on verbal agreements to ensure their children use the Internet safely. That’s despite almost half of children using chatrooms (which, it has to be said, are not filled with paedophiles, but can still be dangerous if users […]

Parents failing to monitor children’s Internet usage, report finds

A new broadband provider is about to hit the market with a product that will revolutionise online child safety. Spidermail offers a trailblazing new service that surpasses parental control systems, which are vulnerable to unscrupulous websites and easily bypassed by increasingly tech-savvy children. Where this innovative new service differs is […]

Unique family-oriented broadband service offers peace of mind to schools ...

The Better Hearing Institute has implored parents to ensure that more elderly relatives who look after their children can hear well to ensure that their children remain safe. “If your child’s babysitter is one of the 24 million people who need hearing aids and don’t have them, there could be […]

Child safety dependent on carers’ ability to hear

The American Planning Association has come up with five things which parents can do as their kids return to school, to keep them both healthy and safe on the journey to and from school. Conduct a “Neighbourhood Walk Audit” to inventory your neighbourhood’s sidewalks and bicycle routes and determine if […]

Five tips for keeping kids safe and healthy on way ...

This post was first published at Tech Digest Parents are increasingly concerned about their children’s use of mobile phones. Research published today suggests that over four in five British parents (81%) are worried about their children being contacted by strangers, of having their mobile phone stolen, or being a victim […]

Parents believe their kids’ mobile phone use is “out of ...

Jennifer Trachtenberg, MD, renowned RealAge expert and author of Good Kids, Bad Habits: The RealAge Guide to Raising Healthy Children, has released her Top 5 Summer Safety Tips for Parents in conjunction with the Home Safety Council’s Home Safety Month, June 2007. Accidents are still the leading cause of death […]

Parenting expert releases top five summer safety tips for parents

There are over 42,500 toddlers under the age of 5 who are taken to UK hospitals because of kitchen related accidents every year, and that number doesnÂ’t take into account the thousands of minor accidents that are remedied by a cuddle and a bit of TLC. The Little Helper Fun […]

Little Helper Fun Pod: food, fun, and safety for toddlers ...

The MySpace MyKids project is a new user-friendly website designed to familiarize parents with social networking and help them protect their kids. It’s a powerful educational program for parents who want to not only protect their children, but also better understand and connect with their teens.

Parents get to understand MySpace and connect with their kids ...

NetSmartz411 is an online programme designed to keep children safe when online. It has been developed in the US by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) who can answer frequently asked questions about Internet safety and online security. “Parents and guardians have a very tough job keeping […]

Children’s advocacy group launches NetSmartz411 online safety programme for kids