This article contains no graphic visual images or disturbing videos, yet I’m going to warn you that this could well be the sickest thing you’ve read in a long while. Moral Right To Life According to a group of professors publishing in the Journal of Medical Ethics, babies are not […]

Babies have no ‘moral right to life’, may be killed, ...

Ellen White bravely stepped out on to the parapet that is Channel 4’s 4thought programme tonight, airing her own Christian belief about being a stay-at-home mum. The outrage it caused saddened me. Granted, her belief was presented in such a way as to suggest that everyone should be bringing up […]

Are stay-at-home mums abnormal?

Lumley: Kids have slack morals The children of modern Britain have morals that are on the rocks, according to Joanna Lumley. Championing ‘old fashioned’ morality, she has spoken out against a perceived decline in standards, manners, and a respect for law and society. “We are very slack with our moral […]

Joanna Lumley bemoans modern children’s ‘slack’ morals

In statements which only seek to reinforce the ridiculous lack of work-life balance prevalent in British society, and that continues to erode the rights of fathers, top business leaders have described new paternity leave proposals as “madness”. Citing yawn-inducing reasons such as “Britain is only just crawling out of recession”, […]

Business leaders shun fathers’ rights to longer paternity leave

Though many of us expect nothing less than grossly stereotypical, sweeping generalisations from the writers at The Daily Mail tabloid paper, Liz Jones has pushed the boat out by having a real go at mothers and children for being environmentally and socially unfriendly. Based upon a few negative images she […]

Daily Mail columnist tirades against environmentally unfriendly mothers