Fathers have an important role to play in the upbringing of their children, and there’s often a special bond between father and daughter. Professor of adolescent & educational psychology at Wake Forest University, Linda Nielsen, suggests the “M&Ms” of raising daughters: Men Money Mother Meaning Myths & Misconceptions Men Nielsen […]

The six Ms essential for fathers raising daughters

We’ve already reported on the UK government’s initiative to encourage UK mums to breastfeed their babies, due to the low proportion of UK mums who start or stick with it for the minimum recommended 13 weeks (and ideally six months). A new resource has come on to the market that […]

New CD aims to boost confidence and understanding of breastfeeding ...

Expectant mums across the UK will have access to a new breastfeeding resource thanks to a collaboration between the Department of Health and child health charity Best Beginnings. The From Bump to Breastfeeding – following real mothers’ stories to find out how DVD gives positive and practical information to encourage […]

UK government supports “From Bump to Breastfeeding” DVD

A recent research study by the online games company PopCap (the relevance of which will become apparent in a moment), in association with The Stress Management Society, suggests that British mums get, on average, just 23 minutes of “me time” each day, whereas dads enjoy around four-and-a-half hours of leisure […]

UK mums get 23 minutes “me time” per day, dads ...

Though many of us expect nothing less than grossly stereotypical, sweeping generalisations from the writers at The Daily Mail tabloid paper, Liz Jones has pushed the boat out by having a real go at mothers and children for being environmentally and socially unfriendly. Based upon a few negative images she […]

Daily Mail columnist tirades against environmentally unfriendly mothers