Fathers have an important role to play in the upbringing of their children, and there’s often a special bond between father and daughter. Professor of adolescent & educational psychology at Wake Forest University, Linda Nielsen, suggests the “M&Ms” of raising daughters: Men Money Mother Meaning Myths & Misconceptions Men Nielsen […]

The six Ms essential for fathers raising daughters

One of the big responsibilities of any parent is how much to talk to their children about serious, complicated and potentially worrying issues. On one hand, most parents want to allow children to maintain some degree of innocence, and to be shielded from the worst the world has to offer. […]

Should you talk to your children about the economy?

Last year, when the scale of the economic crisis was still dawning upon us, the UK’s Office of National Statistics found that the slowing property market could be reducing the divorce rate. That doesn’t mean that relationships have suddenly got significantly better. In fact, financial turmoil places a real strain […]

Bad economy: divorce down, domestic violence up