British children are bombarded every day with overtly sexual imagery and references. That’s the main conclusion of a six-month review into the commercialisation and sexualisation of childhood by the Mothers’ Union. Citing explicit music videos, overly suggestive magazine covers and many forms of advertising surrounding kids every day, the “Letting […]

UK kids are being sexualised, must be protected, report finds

With parents worrying about their children’s use of mobile phones, a new service from Mobile Sentry could be just what they’re looking for. Claiming to be the UK’s first full parental control system for children’s mobile phones, Mobile Sentry is mobile phone software that allows parents to set up allow/deny […]

Full control of kids’ mobile phones now available to British ...

At the end of September, Orange UK launched an online resource aimed at helping families deal with the issues of technology misuse, including cyber-bullying, email fraud, spam, phishing, and mobile theft. Each section on Orange’s website at // describes an issue, offers clear and practical advice and also provides links […]

Orange launches mobile and broadband advice site for families

This post was first published at Tech Digest Parents are increasingly concerned about their children’s use of mobile phones. Research published today suggests that over four in five British parents (81%) are worried about their children being contacted by strangers, of having their mobile phone stolen, or being a victim […]

Parents believe their kids’ mobile phone use is “out of ...