The imminent separation of a couple, particularly those with children, can be painful for friends and extended family as well as for those directly involved, yet those surrounding a couple often play a significant role in working things through. A YouGov survey of one thousand separated parents (with children under […]

Grandparents take on influential role when couples separate

Many people believe in the important role that grandparents play in the upbringing of children, despite the fact that Western society has changed significantly over the past few decades, and that the idea of a connected family is quite different to that in many Eastern countries. That being the case, […]

Should “Grandparents Law” be introduced in Britain?

BBC Cymru Wales is to begin a fortnight of programmes looking at the changing nature of childhood through the generations, beginning with What Are We Doing To Our Kids? on Monday 16th March. As part of the project, the Institute of Welsh Affairs (IWA) surveyed a number of Welsh parents, […]

What Are We Doing To Our Kids?: BBC Wales fortnight ...

The Better Hearing Institute has implored parents to ensure that more elderly relatives who look after their children can hear well to ensure that their children remain safe. “If your child’s babysitter is one of the 24 million people who need hearing aids and don’t have them, there could be […]

Child safety dependent on carers’ ability to hear

According to a recent worldwide casual gaming survey, 70% of family members have seen educational benefits of their children and grandchildren playing computer games, while a whopping 92% say that casual games provide an opportunity for them to bond with them. PopCap Games commissioned the survey and found some other […]

Computer games can help adults bond with their kids, casual ...

New research from Metanium suggests that British grandparents are more involved than ever with the care of their grandchildren. Some five million grandparents now spend three days per week caring for their grandchildren. Childcare is major source of concern for working parents. Cost is a key factor, but trust is […]

More British grandparents caring for grandchildren than ever before, research ...

A new report from the Aberlour Child Care Trust and the Scottish Association of Alcohol and Drug Action Teams has recommended that the children of parents who abuse alcohol need the same services as those offered to children of drug abusers. The authors of the report, “A Matter of Substance? […]

Children with alcohol-abusing parents need as much care as those ...