According to a report on independent entertainment web site Digital Spy, parents have started a campaign against a new CBeebies presenter. She must have done something really terrible to warrant that, eh? Sworn or cursed in a programme, perhaps? Advocated the use of illegal drugs? Attacked and killed someone in […]

Bigoted parents campaign for disabled presenter to be taken off ...

I’ve just found out about a rather exciting new resource, due to launch next Thursday, 23rd October. TV4Parents is an online forum, based in the UK, developed by Tomorrow’s Child, and aimed at parents, carers, and children aged 0-11. This online TV styled web site will look at ways of […]

TV4Parents: online TV for parents goes live next week

I’m pleased to announce that the Family Relationships Forum has now launched – a place to discuss anything and everything related to families: marriage, living together, children, education, finances, teenagers, grandparents, elderly care, social ideas, and resources. What it needs now is a community, which is where you come in. […]

Family Relationships Forum launched