Swimming Sperm Scientists have discovered something about sperm that makes perfect sense: they don’t start swimming until they are closer to the egg. Because sperm only have limited resources, they need to maximise their chances of fertilising the egg. Internal pH University of California researchers have found that sperm increases […]

The secret life of sperm: may aid contraception and male ...

Everyone seems to have an opinion on Nadya Suleman, the 33-year-old who now mothers fourteen children. One of the latest to weigh in is medical director of Georgia Reproductive Specialists, Dr Mark Perloe. He believes that the physician who treated Suleman is guilty of “criminal negligence” because American Society for […]

Octuplet birth physician was “criminally negligent”, says fertility expert

A study published in “Alternative Therapies In Health and Medicine” (Feb, 2008) reports that blocked fallopian tubes can be opened without surgery, enabling infertile women to become pregnant naturally. Authors of the study “Treating Fallopian Tube Occlusion with a Manual Pelvic Physical Therapy,” became curious after a pilot study published […]

Study Shows New Therapy Opens Blocked Fallopian Tubes, Returns Fertility ...

A group of reproductive medical specialists from Indiana have come up with new research which suggests that infertility caused by stress factors can be reversed through various forms of talk counselling. According to mental health counsellors, many couples unable to conceive anticipate the holidays with dread. “For them, the end […]

Stress-linked infertility can be helped with talk therapy