Yet again, more research which shows the benefits of families eating together. Teens who frequently (five or more times per week) eat together with the rest of their family are less likely to use extreme methods – such as binge eating and self-induced vomiting – to control their weight five […]

Girls who eat with their families less likely to do ...

A survey of 2,500 mothers by UK supermarket Tesco suggests that 60% of new parents wouldn’t know what to do in an emergency where their child’s life was in danger. Less than 10% of new parents have had child first aid training in the past 12 months, and 24% said […]

3 in 5 parents couldn’t save their child’s life, survey ...

Check out our Family Christmas Survival guide for articles and advice. Yet more research which shows that British mums are struggling to achieve everything that they need to at work and home this Christmastime. 78% said they were feeling the strain. The Citrix-sponsored survey found that the biggest thing mums […]

Over three-quarters of mums struggling to balance work-life balance over ...

A new study by UK children’s charity the Sutton Trust suggests that economic factors play a huge role in the academic and learning development of young children. They claim that research on children born in the years 2000 and 2001 shows that, even between the ages of 3 and 5, […]

Young children’s academic development heavily influenced by family affluence

From 1st November, Britain’s parents (and indeed, anyone else) can vote for the best kids’ activities in the UK. Every vote cast in November will see 5p donated to the BBC’s Children in Need appeal. The What’Â’s On 4 Little Ones 2008 awards, sponsored by pioneering food company Organix, are […]

Vote for best kids’ activities in Britain, raise money for ...

At the end of September, Orange UK launched an online resource aimed at helping families deal with the issues of technology misuse, including cyber-bullying, email fraud, spam, phishing, and mobile theft. Each section on Orange’s website at //www.orange.co.uk/communicate/safety/ describes an issue, offers clear and practical advice and also provides links […]

Orange launches mobile and broadband advice site for families

I’ve written before about the importance of families eating together whenever they can. It can bond the family together, aid communication, and could help teens avoid social problems, amongst many other benefits. The Kroger Company has partnered with The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse to encourage families to […]

September 24: Family Day – A Day To Eat Together ...