Welcome to this week’s roundup of family-related technology news. This week we have problems for Facebook, concerns over YouTube Kids and a net-connected Barbie, life-saving technology for developing countries, STEM/STEAM toys, and the Masterpiece software for Osmo. Jump to a story using the link below or just scroll down to […]

Family Tech Roundup: Facebook, YouTube Kids, STEM toys, developing world ...

A 12-year-old boy, twice banned by his father from using Facebook, has created his own social network designed exclusively for children. GromSocial was created by Zach Marks of Melbourne Beach, Florida, after asking his mother for permission to build a ‘safe’ site for his friends and siblings to use, and […]

GromSocial: Safe social network created by kids for kids

If you’re being unfaithful to your partner but haven’t been extremely careful about your Facebook profile, you are very likely to be caught out. And rightly so. Divorce lawyers are ditching the old-fashioned methods — private detectives and the like — in favour of snooping the social networks to catch […]

Cheating online? Facebook will catch you out

Social networking phenomenon Facebook is at least partly responsible for one in five marriage breakups, if you believe the latest research from a British online divorce service. By scanning their divorce petition database, they found that the word “Facebook” was used in 989 out of 5,000 cases sampled. It seems […]

Facebook bad for marriage says new research

There’s nothing like a bit of tech sex to sell tabloid newspapers, so the recent report that a wife wants to divorce her husband because he took part in virtual gay sex in the online game Second Life isn’t much of a surprise. I reported on the threat of virtual […]

Get that computer out of our bed! Virtual reality drives ...

EasySite.com, a subscription-based family-friendly social networking site, has called out the likes of Facebook and MySpace for putting revenue and profit before taking responsibility for the privacy and safety of their users. They cite the usual horror stories of paedophiles stalking teenagers, false profiles, and compromising photographs. “Sites like MySpace […]

Family-friendly social networking site accuses popular sites of profit before ...

It must be something about the school summer holidays that’s bringing out surveys about children and parents and their relationship with the Internet… and each other. Not a week after a survey about parental knowledge of their children’s online activities comes another from Garlik. This one suggests that 75% of […]

Young children using online social networks, three-quarters of parents “spying” ...