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After yesterday’s breakdown of the Labour Party Manifesto comes the Conservatives’ attempt to win over voters. How does the Tory plan for Government affect families? Here are the main points gleaned from their manifesto. Finances The Conservative Party plans top scrap tax credits for families with an overall income of […]

Election 2010: Conservative Manifesto: What’s in it for families?

As Britain’s political parties start launching their manifestos, we take a top-line look at what it would mean for families, should that party gain overall control of Parliament and stick to their election pledges. Labour Gordon Brown unveiled The Labour Party Manifesto 2010. What does it mean for families? Living […]

Election 2010: Labour Manifesto: What’s in it for families?

While the political parties lay out their manifestos for the coming general election, a leading family charity has published its demands for fairer workplaces, which it hopes any new Government would seriously consider. Working Families, which has already raised awareness of paternity leave issues and has called for an end […]

Election 2010: Charity calls for more family-friendly workplaces

With the country still tentatively coming out of recession, it’s been difficult getting exact budgetary figures from any of the major political parties. We know that the Conservative Party has been talking about family values for a long time now, but now that the General Election is looming, its plans […]

Election 2010: Tories’ plans for marriage-friendly taxes questioned

The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) has announced its “I Stand for Children” campaign to run alongside the General Election race. Supporters can send pre-prepared emails to parliamentary candidates that calls for them to pledge support to the NSPCC’s initiatives, via a specially set up […]

Election 2010: NSPCC launches “I Stand for Children” campaign