Yet again, more research which shows the benefits of families eating together. Teens who frequently (five or more times per week) eat together with the rest of their family are less likely to use extreme methods – such as binge eating and self-induced vomiting – to control their weight five […]

Girls who eat with their families less likely to do ...

I’ve written before about the importance of families eating together whenever they can. It can bond the family together, aid communication, and could help teens avoid social problems, amongst many other benefits. The Kroger Company has partnered with The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse to encourage families to […]

September 24: Family Day – A Day To Eat Together ...

Whilst many studies of obesity in children focus on how their life is influenced by their parents, a new study reverses this thinking and instead looks at what influence kids may have on their parents: “Parents with children are likely to be susceptible in their food choices to both the […]

Diets of children could fatten their parents, study suggests