Swimming Sperm Scientists have discovered something about sperm that makes perfect sense: they don’t start swimming until they are closer to the egg. Because sperm only have limited resources, they need to maximise their chances of fertilising the egg. Internal pH University of California researchers have found that sperm increases […]

The secret life of sperm: may aid contraception and male ...

Four in five women are concerned about the current method of contraception used for birth control, yet two in five have stayed with their chosen method for five or more years. That’s according to a new survey carried out in the US by Schering-Plough, which also found that well over […]

Women not confident about contraception, put other worries before unwanted ...

Natural family planning methods are often a desired method of preventing, or indeed planning, a pregnancy, but they are often seen as less effective than using a chemical contraceptive pill for the same purpose. However, good news for those (including myself) that believe avoiding pills and using a more natural […]

Research suggests natural family planning as effective as contraceptive pill