Using signs and gestures with babies can enhance their communication skills and allow them to learn to talk more quickly, according to research by scientists at the University of Chicago. The research confirms previous studies that show a strong link between gestures and spoken language, finding that babies who use […]

Gestures can improve early speech development, scientists find

There’s nothing like a bit of tech sex to sell tabloid newspapers, so the recent report that a wife wants to divorce her husband because he took part in virtual gay sex in the online game Second Life isn’t much of a surprise. I reported on the threat of virtual […]

Get that computer out of our bed! Virtual reality drives ...

Once almost exclusively the domain of “techies”, particularly in Silicon Valley, Twitter is now getting quite a fan base across the world and with “ordinary” people. Even Phillip Schofield tweets, as he announced to thousands of viewers on This Morning during the week. We know that plenty of parents blog, […]

Do you Twitter about family? Let us know, get connected

Check out our Family Christmas Survival guide for articles and advice. Holidays are often a happy, but stressful time for most families. Add a divorce into that mix, and things can become infinitely more complicated. The experts at, a leading source of experience, recommendations, inspiration and advice for dads, […]

Four tips for dealing with Christmas after divorce

This post was first published at Tech Digest Parents are increasingly concerned about their children’s use of mobile phones. Research published today suggests that over four in five British parents (81%) are worried about their children being contacted by strangers, of having their mobile phone stolen, or being a victim […]

Parents believe their kids’ mobile phone use is “out of ...

When school’s out, children and teenagers are increasingly to be found using their mobile phone, according to a new Disney Mobile Cell and Tell survey by Harris Interactive. Teen and tween cell phone use in the summer jumps to more than 3 hours and 45 minutes a day, an increase […]

Teens and pre-teens increase cell phone use during the summer