For many, flirting by those already in a romantic / committed relationship isn’t seen as a problem, and even less so when it comes to doing it over the Internet. This is borne out by a new survey which found that seven out of ten Brits don’t believe there’s anything […]

Seven out of ten Brits in relationships say online flirting ...

The Daily O’Collegian has posted an interesting article questioning a new bill introduced into the Oklahoma legislature that recommends couples who are to be married go through premarital counselling, enter a so-called ‘covenant marriage’, and then be unable to divorce based on grounds of incompatibilty. It doesn’t exclude other grounds […]

Oklahoma ‘covenant marriages’ aim to lower divorce rate

Dr Neill has written Seven questions to consider in choosing your ideal marriage partner which include: Can you accept each other as you are, warts and all? Do you like each other? Are your values compatible? Are you compatible in the way you express (and discuss) your feelings? A useful […]

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