child safety

Neighbours are acting to save thousands of children living in appalling and dangerous conditions, the NSPCC reveals Last year, concerned members of the public contacted the charity’s Helpline every five minutes on average, with nearly 10,000 calls being so serious they needed urgent attention. One in three of these came […]

Good neighbours act to save thousands of children as NSPCC ...

The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) has outlined ten things that parents can do to ensure that their children have a fun, but above all safe, Halloween night this year. CHOOSE bright, flame-retardant costumes or add reflective tape to costumes and candy bags so children are easily […]

Making Halloween safer for kids: ten tips for parents

Stop Internet Predators has announced its new Spanish website, designed to raise awareness of the new Internet technologies that can pose a threat to children. October is both National Hispanic Heritage Month and Cyber Security Awareness Month, so it’s a fitting time to launch the resource. Many of the fifteen […]

Hispanic community gets new online safety resources for kids