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Lumley: Kids have slack morals The children of modern Britain have morals that are on the rocks, according to Joanna Lumley. Championing ‘old fashioned’ morality, she has spoken out against a perceived decline in standards, manners, and a respect for law and society. “We are very slack with our moral […]

Joanna Lumley bemoans modern children’s ‘slack’ morals

Katie and Peter Rumours surrounding Katie Price and Peter Andre continue regarding what led the couple to split. One thing seems certain: the newspapers won’t leave this alone, even suggesting that they have an intimate knowledge of the couple’s sex life. Jennifer Aniston/Bradley Cooper Reports suggest that Bradley Cooper is […]

Celebrity Watch: Katie and Peter, Jennifer Aniston/Bradley Cooper

Ritchie is worried that Madonna’s latest pictures may embarrass their children. Guy Ritchie is reported to have told Madonna that he thinks her recent intimate photo shoot will embarrass their three kids. The 50-year-old singer has been shown posing with model Jesus Luz. Ritchie is said to be “shocked”, saying […]

Guy Ritchie hits at out Madonna’s half-naked photo shoot

Actress mum Tori Spelling has put her name behind a new campaign to encourage parents and kids to easier, more fun potty training. This year, some six million parents in the US will begin potty training their toddlers, and while this is exciting it can also be quite intimidating. To […]

Tori Spelling gets behind The Potty Dance

Christina Aguilera and Nicole Richie are both enticing a number of high-profile publications who want the right to print the first photos of their babies. Marie Claire reports: A bidding war has erupted between OK! and People magazine for the first pictures of Christina’s son Max Liron, and the asking […]

Celeb Watch: Christina Aguilera, Nicole Richie, Cheryl and Ashley Cole