Summer Holiday 2017 live blog

The countdown is on to the summer holidays.

46 Days of Summer
21 July – 4 September 2017

I am determined this year is going to be a good one.

The main concepts:

  • No ‘going away’ holiday due to work commitments and finances, but build in regular trips and events.
  • Make the most of any good weather.
  • Have a daily plan with good and poor weather alternative activities.
  • Get some exercise every day.
  • Allow kids to experience some boredom, everyday activities and teach self-sufficiency.
  • Try to get some learning / education in to the mix so they hit the next academic year running.
  • Arrive in September feeling more relaxed than stressed, and with kids who haven’t killed each other.

Find out how we do on our live blog (presuming I have enough energy to write it).

Are you running a summer holiday live blog of your own? Let us know and we’ll link up to it here.

Day 4: Monday 24 July

It’s my birthday.

Got some lovely presents, some expected (Amazon Wish List) and some a surprise.

Seem to have done quite a lot of chores this morning despite this.

Including washing two sofa cushion covers due to the kids being left alone for five minutes and them opening up one of their “rainy day” craft activities and spilling yellow paint!


Grandparents arrived just after 11am to take the girls out for the rest of the day. It’s a beautiful sunny day today. Got a few hours of ‘me’ time.

Day 3: Sunday 23 July

No church this morning as there’s a two week break. Selfishly, it would be easier to be able to go and let the kids be in their groups for a couple of hours!

Weather is still hit and miss. Another day in the house. Printed out some colouring pages for the girls. They have some new colouring books but we decided they couldn’t have them until Monday (the first *real* holiday day).

Tried to get the youngest some exercise by getting the Wii going only to discover the batteries in the controllers have died and we don’t have any more. Stroppy daughter. Ordered some more batteries on Amazon Prime so they should arrive Monday!

Eldest daughter decides she doesn’t want any tea as she “hates stew”. Then she discovers I’ve made it will dumplings in (which she’s never had before) and suddenly she loves it. Result!

Evening goes better than yesterday. Girls are asleep quite quickly with little fuss thank goodness.

Day 2: Saturday 22 July

Family tradition of a birthday breakfast at the local Harvester, so that’s the morning taken care of and plenty of food. The kids eat more than me (and that’s saying something).

The weather is still pretty bad in the afternoon which means the dragonfly-spotting walk near Cardiff has been cancelled.

Take eldest daughter to the shops (youngest loses this ‘treat’ as she’s been quite rude to us) although it’s only to get groceries and some DIY stuff. It’s nice to spend time walking and chatting though.

We’ve got over-hyped kids already, through lack of exercise. They can entertain themselves but it all gets a bit silly.

Bedtime is horrendous. Our kids don’t cope well with change, and even though it’s still a weekend, they’re suffering from end-of-term-itis. Spend an hour or more ‘fighting’ the eldest daughter trying to keep her in her room. Very stressful.

Day 1: Friday 21 July

Just eldest daughter off school on an INSET day today, and the weather is completely foul. Torrential rain and wind.

It’s a DVD/TV day, and I don’t feel at all guilty as it’s not *officially* the holidays yet, and feel you can get away with it on the first day or so.

Eldest wants to walk to school in the pouring rain to collect youngest, which I tried to dissuade but there you go.