Sex on the first date: liberated or easy?

gender_symbols.gifI’m not particularly surprised that, when it comes to attitudes about sex and dating, there’s still quite a gap between the genders.

A new survey by the free online dating site Smooch of its 37,000-strong member base found that, while 65% of men think that a woman who has sex on a first date is liberated, the same proportion of women think it’s unacceptable.

Female respondents were cautious and judgemental with comments such as:

  • If he wants to do that with you, he’s probably tried it with
  • He won’t respect you if you do
  • I don’t want to be another notch in the bedpost

Conversely male respondents were eager to see such actions in the best possible light:

  • Most of my long term relationships have started with first date sex – the chemistry was irresistible!
  • Women who think it’s ‘easy’ are living in the dark ages and
    that’s what I’d find offputting
  • If it feels right do it! I wouldn’t date a woman who let
    calculations override her emotions

So, liberated or easy? What do you think?